Our Founder's thought

Vikash Singh

Greetings! from the Co-founder Vikash Singh, Hi learners and marketers I welcome you all to my distinctive digital marketing course platform- DigitalPixal. Get on the journey of the digital realm with me where you will be exploring all about the online marketing world and establish yourself in this innovative sector. We are missioned to transform your career or business in touch with the conquest of the digital world.

Amrendra Kumar

Greetings! I am Amrendra Kumar, co-founder of  DigitalPixal. I welcome you, beginners, entrepreneurs and business professionals with the hope of landing on our exclusively designed course. Together we delve into the vast world of digital marketing where we will solve the intricacies of the same. I am thrilled to turn your learning journey into your big success. Let’s make your mark in the digital landscape!

Digital Marketing Course

If you want to learn basics of Digital marketing, then you are in the right hand- this is the best course for the basics.

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